Friday, August 16, 2019

How To Darken Gray Hair Naturally

Gray hair to many is beautiful, to some, not okay. But whichever way you see it, it's a naturally phenomenon that can't be stopped by you can determine how it looks on you even as you grow older.

It is however, not new that a lot of young people have gray hair, if not all over, partially and this is owing to various reasons ranging from stress, hereditary, fashion and what we are at suggested by a well known dermatologist.

Do you have gray hair and want it black? This article is actually for you because I know you'd find a way out. After so much pushing, shopping and getting my mom gifts so she can share the secret on how she manages to maintain black hair even at 60, she did show me and I want to share it with you at zero cost rather.

It is Natural, with easy to source items from the comfort of your home. I have a black hair but after mom taught me this, I tried it and guess what I found? It doesn't just darken my hair but moreso, grow my hair; I mean rapidly.

I'm not saying you will get an overnight results, but trust me, it's definitely certain.
It will darken every strand from root and grows it too within 3-4 weeks of using the mixture.
This can be achieved naturally with just two items namely, coconut oil and lemon juice. How is this even possible right? I'll tell you how.

Coconut oil and Lemon juice are very beneficial to the hair as it helps to regrow, repair scalp and reinforce hair color.


✓ add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in a small bowl or container as preferred.
✓ add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to the bowl, as used.
✓ mix thoroughly to avoid separation.
Apply mixture on hair and massage from roots. Allow on hair for about 30-minutes.

Note: In preparing the mixture, for effective and faster results, let 1 tablespoon of coconut oil go with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. The more quantity, the more spoonful.
Hair should be prewashed before applying mixture.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Kidney Stones: What To Know and 3 Ways To Flush Out Naturally

Many people today are having kidney stones without even knowing, while sometimes you get symptoms but can't ascertain what exactly is wrong.

Kidney stones

This is not actually a life threatening if given due attention at the very early stage but often times symptoms is ignored until it has caused more damage than expected.

Renal Lithiasis, nephrolithiasis, otherwise known as kidney stones are solid minerals and salt deposits that forms inside of your kidney from excess intake of foods with high oxalate. At such, passing them out can be very painful with temporal or no damage if diagnosed earlier.

It is estimated, that in every ten, there's one with kidney stones. You will experience change in location of pains and intensity increasing rapidly if you suffer from kidney stones.

Percentage are on the rise especially amongst youths and females. A study from Philadelphia children's hospital and Pennsylvania university based on data of over 4.6 million people in South Carolina, gathered between 1997-2012 shows 152,925 cases of kidney stones, with overall number increasing by 16%, while adolescent cases rise up to 4.7% annually as published on Foxnews and 100,000 cases reported in Nigeria yearly.

Kidney Stones has been related to several causes but no definite single cause despite linked to several factors. Kidney stones formation occurs when calcium, oxalate and uric acid becomes much in urine.
Similarly, stones forming foods include; colas, chocolate, rhubarb, beets are contributing factor.


Kidney stones may not be noticed until it has rapidly increased. If you experience any of the following signs and symptoms, I'll advise you see a doctor. But if it's been concurrent, my natural remedies can go a long way in helping you flush them out.

  • Pain that radiates to the lower abdomen and groin.
  • Fluctuating pain that comes in waves and intensity.
  • Severe side and back pain, especially below ribs.
  • Pink, red or brownish urine.
  • Cloudy or fowl-smelling urine.
  • Persistent need to urinate.
  • Urinating frequently than usual.
  • Feverish and chills, if infection is involved.
  • Urinating in small amounts.

When the above signs is noticed, there's high chances of kidney stones. However, if pain is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, fever and chills, blood in urine or difficulty passing out urine, please do not use any natural remedies at this point but consult your doctor as it could be more than just a kidney stones.


This can be done Naturally in 5 ways I know but I will show you the best three ways you can flush out those stones in less than 14-days. It is the fastest, so far the best and most acceptable.

1. Use of Chanca Piedra.
This is a generally accepted method originated from ancient India medicine. It has gone through several clinical test and proves effective against calcium oxalate kidney stones.

Dr. Wolfram Wiemann, a German physician who conducted a test with Chanca Piedra recorded 94% success within 14-days and no side effects reported by patients.
Chanca Piedra can be used also against UTI's, diabetes, constipation, high blood pressure and gallstones.

How to use: Use Chanca Piedra in making tea, or make available suppliment to add in meals if you suffer from kidney stones frequently.

2. Olive Old and Lemon Juice.
Another easy to source popular home remedy for kidney stones. This mixture helps to dissolve kidney stones and reduce pains in passing them out. It is important to note; virgin oil is best for natural remedies and avoid taking excess to avoid vomiting.

How to use: mix 6 ounces of lemon juice and 6 ounces of olive oil and stir thoroughly to avoid mixture separating. Sip every 15 minutes. 

Twice a day until symptoms disappear is best.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar.
This remedy is used widely to treat dandruff, heart burn and more. Same it works against kidney stones. The citric acid in Apple Cider Vinegar helps dissolves kidney stones, prevents formation of new ones, promotes production of hydrochloric acid and easy the pain

This method should be used as a means of prevention rather than cure for kidney stones.

How to use: Mix 2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar and neutralize with glass of water and take once a day.

NOTE: I advise you take a lot of water as this could also help you pass out kidney stones without even knowing but avoid excess and reduce intake of oxalate rich foods. Finally, go to the restroom when you need to without delay.

Most importantly, don't forget to share, like and leave a comment. Stay happy and healthy.
Thank you!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

How To Tighten Sagging Breast In 3 Days

There's a Chinese proverb: "The glory is not in never falling but  in rising every time you fall".

Do you have a Sagging Breast and crave for it to rise up again? I'm going to make you feel that glory seeing your breast standing.

It is no doubt a pleasant view seeing something you feel bad about turns out to be the most admired on your body.

Sagging Breast is caused mainly by aging. As a woman grows older, ligaments that make up the breast tissue looses elasticity due to stretching. It can also be due to smoking, sunburn, lack of proper support and also gravitational pull.

According to Dr. Roseman, "there is a preconceived notion that breastfeeding causes the breast to sag, however, research proves that it doesn't sag the breast but rather changes in size.

Dr. Barry Roseman, M.D
Breast surgeon and surgical oncologist

I'll advise that as a woman take proactive measures about you health as it has a lot of impact on the breast.

"If women are aware of the contributing factors, they can take preventive measures to avoid excessive sagging" - Dr. Barry Roseman.

Sagging Breast can be corrected; rise up to be more standard and attractive again by sharing this tip with you. You will repeat this process for three days and the results will shock you.


1. Groundnut
2. Aloe vera gel
3. Coconut oil


  • Fry groundnut (250ml)
  • Crush groundnut almost smooth
  • Add 2 Tbsp of aloe vera gel
  • Add 1 Tbsp of coconut oil
  • Mix together thoroughly

Apply the mixture on your breast 2x daily and allow to stay 15 minutes before rinsing off. Repeat process for 3 days and you will get an amazing result.

Get Firm, Full and Attractive Boobs Naturally

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Veggie Veggie Detox Drink: 6 Health Benefits | All You Have To Know

Bioenzyme Detoxification Drink


Veggie Veggie Digestive Enzymes is a digestive formula containing enzymes responsible for breaking foods down into nutrients that the body can use and encourages proper absorption.

A comprehensive, super strength, 100% vegetarian complex to support maximum digestive health.

Helps with overall protein, fat, carbohydrate, and fiber digestion. 

Why BF Suma Veggie Veggie Digestive Enzymes are a Good Choice?

Our Veggie Veggie are made from 120 kinds of fruits and vegetables, and contain in addition, insoluble fiber, soluble fiber. Anthocyanin, and phytochemicals have been included for a full spectrum of enzymatic activity. 

Benefits of  Veggie Veggie

  •  Repair damaged intestine and absorb excessive fat.
  •  Rich in soluble fiber help to reduce cholesterol , and decrease the hunger sensation effectively.
  •  Contains 6 necessary probiotics that repairs damaged intestine and improve immunity
  •  Alleviate intestinal problems such as gas, pain and constipation.
  •  Stimulate bowels evacuation, detox and antioxidant.
  •  Enhance metabolism and clean intestines.

Active Ingredients

Contains Hundreds of active bioenzymes fermented from 120 Vegetables and Fruit Essences, French Nutriose dietary fiber, six probiotics combination.

Suggested Usage

Brew with 100 ml warm or cold water (do not exceed 45 Degrees Celcius) and drink after thorough mixing. Better to drink extra 500ml water after consumption.

For Adults: 1 sachet per day, if experiencing digestive upset 2-3 sachets daily are recommended until discomfort subsides.

For Children: Half of the adult dose.

Return to the cleanest self…Veggie veggie,give you 120 new healthy ways

Scientific instruction and utility
Detox:(use after meals twice per day a sachet per time
One hour later- Stronger defecate feeling, half a month later– Long-term constipation had improved, long-term use once a day- Maintain a healthy intestinal system

Slimming (Use before the meal) twice per day a sachet per time
Half a month later- Waist smaller obviously, one month later- Weight dropped 2-4kg, long-term use- one packet per day, Keep slim.

To place your order, just contact Mr Stanley on: +2348035034704

Friday, July 12, 2019

Facts And Health Benefits Of Suma GlucoBlocker Tea | UnveilingNature

Are you concerned about reducing sugar level in your body? Then GlucoBlocker Tea is one suppliment you don't want to miss!

Why GlucoBlocker Tea?

GlucoBlocker Tea is good for the body with natural ingredients and very high grade pharmaceutical products. Aside that, it is research-based and balanced formulations and recommended by qualified team of scientific experts. GlucoBlocker Tea follows GMP, ISO, FDA, and PIC/S standards.

GlucoBlocker Tea is a combination of gymnema and Green tea and has four vital health benefits I bet you you should try. The question now is, what are the benefits of these tea? Okay. I'll give you just four major health benefits of GlucoBlocker.


1. Helps to balance healthy sugar levels
2. Fight against free radicals
3. Increases the secretion of Insulin.
4. Works on the Pancreas functioning by activating B cells to produce Insulin.

GlucoBlocker is if you have high blood sugar levels and wants a suppliment for dropping counts or you want to slow down aging if you won't have time doing My Anti-aging Formula keeps you 10 years younger than your age!

1 teabag after meal, 2 times daily.

Do not add sugar or honey, Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women

You can contact this number below and and yours.
Mr. Stanley +2348035034704

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Fungus Infection: How To Treat Athlete Foots Naturally | UnveilingNature

This is one Fungus infection that leaves many people shy from taken off their shoes and when they do, often times find them with socks on.

However, it all has to stop now if you are suffering or knows someone who's suffering from fungus infection.

Athlete Foots, otherwise known as tinea pedi is caused by fungus called Trichophyton which is found on floors and in some cases, clothing.

Common symptoms include flaky, dry, cracking, red and scaly skin. It affects legs, fingers and can spread to hands if not treated. Usually OTC is used to treat these dermatophyte but I'm sharing with you my natural way you can address athlete foot overnight. At most, 7 nights if foots are critically infected by fungus.

Photo credit:

This therapy will not only erase that broken and dry foot but also fights other fungus infections . It is easy to prepare and preservable for up to 30 days while in use.

Two items is needed and first is verseline, second lemon.

How To Prepare

  • Add 2 Tbsp of verseline into a plate.
  • Cut lemon in two squeeze 1 tbsp of juice into the plate.
  • Mix thoroughly until you get gel.

Apply on affected foot and massage for about 15 minutes every night before going to bed and you will see progress within 4 days of Application.

This is easy, very fast in helping to fight Trichophyton and other fungal infective agents on the skin.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Delayed Periods: Causes And How To Make To Make It Starts Naturally | UnveilingNature

(Must read for every lady)

Irregular periods are caused by various factors ranging from medical condition, weight lose and lifestyle (What you consume).

This is a very common problem found in women and sometimes leads to unwarranted worries and prompt you (women) to surf around the web looking for a safe and natural solution such as this.

To induce your delayed monthly periods, two ways that are 100 percent natural and safe that works perfectly without side effects.

Causes foe delay period is important to ascertain before trying any natural methods. This is because it may not necessarily be a challenge rather signs of pregnancy. Any of these 9 signs could suggest Pregnancy

 Ensure you consult a specialist if reason remains unknown. Pregnancy Test At Home; 9 Natural methods you can try

Two ways you can make your period start within 24 hours.

1. Ginger Tea.

Ginger can be consumed in form of tea, chew, juice with honey and remains effective. This is because Ginger has some magical properties that stimulates blood flow thereby promote menstrual flow in women.

It can be prepared simply by;

  • Adding glass of water in a pot
  • Cut ginger roots into the pot
  • Boil for 10 Minutes
  • Allow to cool for 10-15 minutes, remove ginger roots and drink on empty stomach.

2. Pawpaw (Papaya).

This is one of the effective and often available for home remedies. Papaya can help to induce menstrual flow as it stimulates estrogen hormones and contractions in the uterus due to the presence of carotene thereby resulting to early menstrual. Papaya can be consumed raw, papaya juice twice (2x) a day before regular date.

Cut and eat ripe papaya few days before and it will help fast track period.

Note: Aerated drinks and caffeine should be avoided as the both can slow down period. You should avoid these and find out causes first before using any of these methods.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

How To Increase You Cocumba Using Tomato And Toothpaste | UnveilingNature

You might have heard a lot of things about toothpaste and tomato; wonders these two mixture can do. But I bet you have not found this one yet until you are done reading this piece to the end.

Aside the nutritious value of tomato in foods and it's nutritional benefits, it also has unique magical powers especially for men's sexual health.

I'm going to let that out to you right now. Toothpaste on the other hand doesn't just serve as healthy mouth wash also can do more when mixed with other natural and organic products which I'm certain will provide you with answers to all pending questions you may have have tendered.

Previously, several secrets and methods you can try to stay sexually active as a man has been provided down to foods that can boast sexual stamina like;  Overcome Weak Erection Naturally

9 Foods Every Man Needs For Optimum performance

Best Natural Viagra For Sexual Enhancement

Many more especially How To Terminate Erectile Dysfunction In Men

That's about that. You can check those out but what I want to show you now is HOW TO GET FULL AND RIGID ERECTION USING JUST TOMATO AND TOOTHPASTE WITH ZERO SIDE EFFECTS


Get a ripe tomato, toothpaste, (Colgate or white paste) and a plate and tea spoon for mixture.

  •  Cut tomato into two equal halves
  • Squeeze tomato juice into your plate
  • Add tea spoonful of toothpaste into the plate and stir to mix properly. 
Note: Apply mixture on you Peepee and massage for about 5 minutes.
Allow to air dry for 15 minutes and rinse with a clean water.

Do this for two weeks daily and it will shock how rigid and 360 degrees Erection you will get afterwards.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Natural Anti-aging Formula | UnveilingNature

How To Look 10 Years Younger Using Natural Therapy?

Many people actually want to know my secret for looking younger each day despite age is counting rapidly. Ok!

Doris - CEO A'dor Spa & Beauty

A lot of questions thrown at me by friends and client alike, several eyes gazing closing all in attempt to find out ''what I do and how I do it''. Trust me I'm exposing all of that now.
If you are among these numbers it's definitely no more a secret as I'm about to unveil that simple and Natural formula that can make you look 10 years younger.
After reading through it will shock you to know that such items can give you such results  and leave amazing wonders on your face.

Anyways, irrespective of pressure from friends to sell this piece I choose to ignore and rather share it with you for free so you can benefit directly and encourage friends and loved ones to do same by sharing, liking and leaving a comment on the box reserved below for comments.

Now let's get back on the purpose to which you are here. To do this Natural Anti-aging mixture some items will be needed; just two of it aside the small plate or bowl and a spoon to mix.

First of it is an egg. Chicken egg precisely. Here only the egg white is to be used as it helps the skin tighten and closes pores because of its richness in vitamins and minerals that enhances the human skin appearance. Here are 10 Amazing Benefits Of Egg White if you care to check it out.

Secondly, you will also need a verseline. This helps to moisturize the skin so it doesn't hurt due to the effect of egg white when dried on your skin.  By these I mean, combination of the two makes an Anti-aging lotion without any side effects of the skin.

How To Prepare Anti-aging Lotion?

Guess the question you are asking now. It is very easy to prepare as it can be done in less than 10 minutes.

To Prepare it first, tactically crack the egg in such a way that allows you to separate the egg white from the yolk.

Collect egg white in a bowl; 1 egg is enough for a night. Add a table spoon of verseline to the egg white and stir until it is mixed thoroughly.

How To Apply Anti-aging Lotion Or Mixture?

Just like any other skin beauty therapy, it is applied directly on the face using hands. Rub and massage your face with it until it becomes a white mask.

Note: You can leave it on your skin overnight and wash the next morning or allow to stay on your face for 15 minutes before wiping with a dry and soft towel depending on how mild or severe you skin is.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

9 Pregnancy Test Methods You Can Do Anywhere Without Kits | UnveilingNature

It is very important to know your pregnancy status especially as an expectant mother. This however, transcends to just expectant mothers but all women feeling funny few days after having intercourse.

Pregnancy test can be done exactly 6-8 days after ovulation to be able to really ascertain whether pregnant or not and test kits are available to help you determine the level of hCG in your urine which can tell with slight eat amount of of pregnancy hormones.

Mind you, negative results at the early stage doesn't necessarily mean you are not pregnant but repeating it after a day or two will do the confirmation owing to the fact that sometimes you miscalculated.

9 Types of pregnancy test you can do anywhere without using the usual pregnancy test strips I will show you and all very accurate and dependable if done properly.

1. Pregnancy Test Using Breast milk.

When a woman is pregnant, virtually every hormones of her body systems react to that and breast milk is not an exception.

To find out your pregnancy status using this method, squeeze out some amount of breast milk in a small bowl.

( Here you will need the strip to do this) just as your urine can tell similar way this works. If s not urine sample is not convenient for you, breast milk test is certainly an option.

2. Pregnancy Test Using Shampoo.

Shampoo test is a unique and simple Method you might want to try. Not difficult to read and can be done under 5 minutes.

Just like other Methods, it is very reliable and accurate. All you have to do is collect early morning urine in a glass bowl and add 1 Tbsp of shampoo, stir and wait 5 minutes if urine is foamy or fizzy it's a sign of pregnancy but if it's not, definitely it's a negative.

3. Pregnancy Test Using Toothpaste.

I talked about this method before if you have been following UnveilingNature it won't be new to you.

 All that is needed here is drop a spoonful of toothpaste in a bowl and pour urine sample and after 4 minutes toothpaste dissolves in urine and bubbles found on the surface but if it doesn't, it's negative.

4. Pregnancy Test Using Wine.

This method is not very easy to detect and most times not reliable.

But if you have to try, ensure using colorless wines as sample so it will be easier to differentiate reactions from the mixture.

Collect your morning urine, add equal amount of wine, wait 3-5 minutes. It will maintain same Amber urine color and foams in the middle of the glass of if pregnant and very neutral if not pregnant.

5. Pregnancy Test Using Cooking Oil.

You can use cooking oil to run a pregnancy test. Kinder hilarious right? Well, experiments has been done and confirmed this method. Not just any cooking oil as plan oil is not part of it.

You can use, groundnut oil, coconut oil, soya oil and the likes. Having collected your morning urine in a clean bowl, pour 2 Tbsp of cooking oil and stir.

If you notice large clustered bubbles on urine after 3 minutes, it simply means you are pregnant but if oil forms small clusters and urine color remains it's a negative.

6. Pregnancy Test Using Onion

 This is one of the simplest anybody can detect. Watch closely you will notice the change in color from the urine.

Peel off dried skin from onion and slice.
Put some quantity of onion in the urine sample and observe for 5 minutes.

This is how to read the signs; if pregnant the color of urine will turn lighter as some purple colors will be found around the onions but urine maintain it's color if negative

7. Pregnancy Test Using Salt.

This is one of the most popular Methods people are away of and probably tried. It's very dependable and easy.

 Collect morning urine as usual in a small bowl, add 2 Tbsp of table salt and stir. Wait 5 minutes and observe if the salt dissolves then it Pregnancy positive but if it settles as the button it's negative.

8. Pregnancy Test Using Sugar.

Another common Method to try as well. Sugar test is very easy to tell difference if you find other signs difficult to read.

Add 2 Tbsp of sugar into urine sample, stir and wait for 5 minutes before observing result. If sugar dissolves and bring foams on side of it it's positive but if it settles at the bottom and doesn't foam it's negative.

9. Pregnancy Test Using Bleach.

My last on the list is how to use bleach to determine your pregnancy status. I'm working on lots of other Methods not just pregnancy alone but am sure you'll love it. Subscribing to UnveilingNature keeps you undated.

This method can be done easily because the results is very obvious and requires lesser concentration compared to cooking oil, wine, breast milk and the rest.

In this method, morning urine is collected and bleach on the other. Pour urine gradually into bleach if it's positive bleach starts bubbling uncontrollably filling the bowl even after you've stopped applying but when bubbles react minimally it's pregnancy negative.

All methods listed here works perfectly well if you are patient enough to wait and follow instructions.