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Monday, February 4, 2019

3 Effective Ways To Burn Belly Fat Naturally

Belly fat seems uncontrollable? I guess you think so like other people believe but in the real sense it can be achieved in less than 7 days.

One of the reasons why this happens sometimes is because you enrolled in weight loosing lessons but yet can't eschew the diets pattern that led to excess fat in your belly. However, no matter how much fat you store up it can be burnt down drastically.
All you are required to do is adhere to your fitness and wellness coach and preparedness to follow instructions; including watching your diets.

To every tree, there is a root: to every problem there is a root cause and solutions as well. The reason why you have so much belly fat or obese is because you consume too much carbohydrates, you don't exercise, you consume more fat than your body can take. Which you know is not healthy as regular exercise is required for the body to function optimally.

This is what happens when you have belly fat:

Imagine the amount of fat stored up. Well, below are 3 effective ways belly fat can be burnt in no time.

1. This is very  effective and good result expected as it burns stubborn belly fat and help in weight lose. As usual, below as ingredient's needed to do this.

 - Coca-Cola
 - Cucumber
 - Orange and Lemon
 - Ginger powder

The above items will do what you never believed it can do to belly fats.


 -  Pour 20cl of Coca-Cola in a jug.
 -  Cut small pieces of cucumber into the jug.
 -  Cut Orange into equal halves and          squeeze juice into it. Do same with        lemon.
 - Cut squeezed Orange and Lemon into smaller chunks after extracting     juice.
 - Add two (2) Tsp of ginger powder.
 - Add two (2) glasses of water and stir

At these point, the mixture is ready for use.
Drink a glass once daily and refrigerate the rest for subsiquent use. Repeat process until required result is attained.

2. This process is called"equal halves". It is so because you will only need half of all items to be used. Very simple and easy.
 - Onion
 - Apple
 - Cucumber
 - Ginger


 - Wash and cut apple into two equal halves, cut one half into blendable pieces.
 - Repeat same for Onion and Cucumber.
 - Remove skin of ginger, wash and cut into bowl.
 - Add a glass of water and blend together.

Once this is done, put in a glass and drink without seiving it. Better take in the evening, after or before dinner. It can also serve as dinner.

3. One of the most embraced of the all. This is a combination of ginger and lemon and burns excessive belly fats.


 - Peel off skin of ginger, wash and put in a cooking pot.
 - Cut lemon in two halves, squeeze one into the pot and cut skin into pieces adding them all together.
 - Allow to boil for 5 minutes.

When it has been cooked, drop and allow to cool. Drink this twice a week and it will burn that belly fat.

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