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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Simple Role Your Spouse Plays To Neutralize Snake/Scorpion Poisons

Can Vagina Fluid Neutralize Scorpion Or Snake Poison? Find Out

I actually didn't want to talk about this until I realized despite lots of questions and answers on what and how to do when bitten by a snake or sting by a Scorpion but because the old ways aren't working anymore it's up to us to stay new. Some people call it superstition but who cares? What matters is does it work or not? Yes it does.

I remember when someone called me he said, " hey buddy what's up? I'm in some deep stuff right now just got bitten by Scorpion what can I do?" I can hear him from the other side of the phone and imagined the excruciating pains he was going through because it was about 11:42pm GMT.
I told gave him this secret 10 minutes later he called back, "Wow, dude you are a genius". Now you are wondering what transpired? This is very possible if the area can be put or place in the Vagina.
Men or women can do this. Once bitten by any of those on your hands or fingers, just stick that spot into a Vagina if it's possible as soon as you do that it will start subsiding in about 10 minutes you will be OK. That's it.

But if you are worried you don't have a wife or spouse especially when alone, there is another method that can work for you in similar way.  If you stay in an environment where you are prone to snake or scorpion  bites you should always have Garcinia kola popularly known as bitter kola at home should be in case such happens. Bitter kola is traditionally used globally in other to treat several health challenges because it's purgative, anti-parasitic and antimicrobial properties.

With it's numerous benefits, bitter kola boast metabolism, increase improves blood circulation and aid digestion. Administer it to anyone who consumes poisonous substance or chemicals to throw the poison out.
When bitten by snake or sting by Scorpion and you can not use the Vagina fluid method chew a maximum of 2 nuts of Garcinia kola otherwise known as bitter kola and it will Neutralize the poison in less than 15 minutes.

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