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Friday, February 22, 2019

How To Do Pregnancy Test Using Onion?

Now you are thinking, is it everything that is used for Pregnancy Test aside usual test strips? Haha yes! that's what it is.
All I do is unveil hacks and health remedies you didn't know can work.

Pregnancy is what defines a marriage and makes a true woman especially in Africa and Nigeria in particular. This got many expectant therefore, knowing how to run a brief test yourself I think makes some sense.
I have seen ladies who practically struggles to buy test strip from the store feeling shy or concerned about what people will say or think but it's okay if you are that kind it's going to be just you and me now as i will go ahead and show you how to do a test using onions to get quick and accurate result at the comfort of your home.

1. Get early morning urine in a sterilized container.
Note: make sure it's transparent.
2. Get an onion (white onion).

✓ peel off dried skin from onion and slice as it is on the image below.

✓ Put some quantity of onion in the urine sample and observe for 5 minutes.

This is how to read the signs; if pregnant the color of urine will turn lighter as some purple colors will be found around the onions.

This is one of the simplest anybody can detect. Watch closely you will notice the change in color from the urine.
If the urine remain Amber it's negative.


  1. Can these tests be effective even when the pregnancy is not up to a week?

    1. Before its two weeks chances are slim. You may not get accurate result.


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