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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How To Do Pregnancy Test Using Salt

There are various ways one can know if she is pregnant or not ranging from use of test strips and other home methods which I'll be teaching you.

Not lengthy nor complicating but I'd advise you read carefully and follow the instructions as this is very sensitive and requires some sort of attention to get accurate result. But again, very simple and dependable.

All you have to do is collect early morning urine in a sterilized container. This is because if there are any form of dirt of germs results will not be accurate. Below is urine with salt samples in it.

I won't take much of time telling you stories but go straight to the point. Below are procedures to follow.

✓ Put urine in a small and open bowl or glass which is transperent enough to see through.
✓ Add 6 Tbsp of salt into the urine.
✓ Stir gently with spoon as shown on the image below

✓ Allow to settle for 5 minutes before making conclusions. The changes should be your concern now as that is what determines your pregnancy positive or negative.

If you look closely to the image below you will notice an undoubtable changes on the urine.


When the urine is concentrated and salt is dissolved simply means pregnancy positive.
When urine changes or not but salt settles at the bottom is pregnancy negative.

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