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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How To Do Pregnancy Test Using Sugar

Credit: 123rf

Yes! I'm back again with another little secret of mine. When you are having signs of pregnancy but you want to be sure without using pregnancy test strips and get accurate result?

As usual, my secrets are always short and simple but it's effects are undeniable. I will jump straight to how you can do this yourself.

✓ Collect early morning urine in a see through container as shown below.

✓ As well as sugar. (White sugar for such is best)

✓ Add urine to sugar until urine covers the sugar in the container.

✓ Allow to settles for 5 minutes and watch closely to observe the changes.

Can you spot the difference now? It will either look like one at the end of this test but the question is now running is your mind is how do I know it's pregnancy positive or negative? It's obvious.

The first image means you are pregnant but the second shows you are not pregnant.

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