Sunday, February 3, 2019

How To Get Baby Pink Lips Naturally


Talking about pink lips.
Have you ever taken a closer look at the lips of a child before?  I'm very certain you love it and if you desire to have yours too? This is for you.

A lot of people love it irrespective of sex. Male and female alike. Lots of guys have it and it's so adorable and soft looking. While there are many ways to achieve that, using balms, lip gloss, creams and tablets, there is still a more natural and simple way to do that with zero % risk involved.

This is what prompted me to write down this little secret of mine. The major ingredients required for baby pink lips is nothing other than Onion. How? Sure I'm going tell you how. Onions are very beneficial to the body and can be used in various ways, like the Egyptians believed possesses majical powers because of the wonderful things it can do. Onions contains fiber, rich in folic acid and B vitamins that helps the body make healthy new cells.

There are lots of methods to do this like I said, but this is very simple and achievable at the comfort of your home. To apply this method, you need the following;

* Onion (preferably brown onion)
* Lemon
* Natural Honey
* Verseline or moisturizer
* Small bowl or contain
Now we have gotten all we need let's get straight to business.

- Put a spoonful of honey into the bowl or container
- Extract a table spoonful of lemon juice and add into the honey
- Stir with a spoon to mix properly and syrup like.

Before using this, apply a verseline or moisturizer on your lips to make it soft for better results. After doing that, peel off dried layers of onion and slice away the tunic, (growing tip) of the onion so the juice can come out. Dip it into your syrup and rup gently on your lips.

Cut off layer again to get more juice from the onion and repeat process 2-3 times for effectiveness and allow for 15-20 minutes before washing off. Immediately you will notice the difference. If you are not satisfied with the level of pink lips you got, repeat another day till you are okay.

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