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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

5 Health Benefits Of Banana Peels

You have been tossing banana peels because it's of no use after eating the banana right? Well, you have been wrong all along as a banana peel contains almost if not similar amount of fibres found in banana itself.

Some people have been going through a lot of health challenges, often times no cash for full medical attention and yet toss away banana peels when it answers to several health issues.

I won't make it clumsy nor ambiguous for you but hit the nail on the head so you can see the significance of banana peels.

Nothing will make you throw it again after reading what I'm about to tell you. 5 things, rather health benefits of banana peels you should know.

1. It Improves Heart Health.
Banana peels supports heart wellness and reduce cholesterol because of its significant amount of soluble and insoluble fibre.

2. It Prevents Cancer.
It offers powerful anti cardiogenic compounds as well as cytoprotective and anti-mugenic properties that lowers risk of cancer development in the body.

3. It aids Better Sleep.
Banana peel tea  can help you enjoy a better sleep because of the presence of tryptophan which raises serotonin levels  and serotonin turn aids in regulating sleep patterns.

4. It helps  to shade weight
Due to soluble and insoluble fibre in banana peels, it helps to slow down digestion process and increase filling of fullness with about 40 percent potassium which your body needs daily for healthy metabolism.

5. It Creats ProbioticsAnd Detox.
Because banana peels contains lots of fibre, it creates a wonderful place for probiotic bacteria or good bacteria to grow your colon and boast immune system.

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