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Saturday, March 23, 2019

9 Possible Signs Your Blood Sugar Is High

Hyperglycemia, commonly referred to as high blood sugar is a major threat to health and wellness if not given super care and attention.

Until now, I never knew this could be baleful and pestilent until it stole life out of my in-law barely 17 months after been diagnosed with high blood sugar.

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High Blood Sugar is often diagnosed among diabetic and prediabetic patients, people with severe illness like stroke and, heart attack and infections.
It constitutes danger too when it's too low just similar to when it is on a high side. Thus, medically it is advised that blood sugar levels measure between 4.0 to 5.4 mmol /L when fasting and 7.8 mmol /L few hours after meals.

High Blood Sugar occurs when insulin is incapable of performing it's task and carry excess sugar in fat cells.

Before one can be said to have high blood sugar there are some basic identifiable signs often times neglected that introduce the menace to your notice and 9 signs I'll show you that may implies you have a high blood sugar and requires immediate medical attention.

1. Blured Visions
High blood sugar affects visions due to swelling of eye lens thus causes vision to be blued. This is one of the first warning signs to take note of.

2. Dry Mouth
When blood sugar is high fungus grow in the saliva and this causes the mouth to dry and burning tongue. When you notice this try to see a doctor especially if it persist for 7 days.

3. Impotency
High blood sugar affects blood vessels or even damage blood vessels when prolonged and this affect free flow of blood to the penis resulting to inability to get or maintain erection in men.

4. Slow Healing Of Wound
High blood sugar affects the nerves therefore, making it difficult for blood to circulate especially for the skin and when the skin lacks enough blood for repairs it cause slow Healing of wounds and living it open to other attacks like bacteria and fungal and gangrene infections. When you experience this it simply means your blood sugar could be high and demands medical attention.

5. Extreme Fatigue
It is never normal nor ordinary when you starts feeling extreme tiredness or fatigue without doing anything practically. However, extreme tiredness or fatigue could be a sign of diabetes, anemia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hyperthyroidism high blood sugar etc. Always give keen attention when this happens.

6. Dry And Itchy Skin
People with pre-diagnosed diabetes often suffers dry itchy skin. it is could be polyneuropathic or peripheral neuropathy affiliated. Skin changes also should be considered.

7.  Tasty
Just like the second sign, when blood fungus is much in saliva it causes a dry mouth and taste buds. Thereby,  making you always tasty and insatiable.

8. Overwhelming Appetite
Your desire grows uncontrollably when blood sugar glucose is in abundance in the system. When you grow excessive appetite so sudden, it could be drawing your attention to diabetes and hyperglycemia. Abdominal weight too is noticed.

9. Numbness
High blood sugar can cause the nerves to damage which halt blood flow and signal to the feet and hand. Thereby causing them to be numb. Earlier dictation helps in a long way to mange.

This few signs should be considered and taking seriously and contact a physician if you noticed any of those signs.

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