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Best Natural Way To Terminate Diabetes And High Blood Sugar


If Yes! Then avoid any distraction on this one.

Be it diabetes, prediabetes or high blood sugar (hyperglycemia), all posses similar risk and also.

One may wonder, why or what causes diabetes, high blood? Several opinions and researches pend down by different person's based on their own perspective and distintidis angles. Some form of superstition circulating out there especially Africa and Asia.

While many believed diabetes is as a result of excess or frequent consumption of refined or unrefined sugar, especially from sugar based foods and beverages. No doubt, these things matters a lot when talking diabetes and high blood sugar.

Personally, I don't drink minerals or beverages in general likewise beer. Not diagnosed for any disease, but just don't feel comfortable taking it anymore as well as medically it's better if you take less or teetotal from such to maintain sound health and wellness.

However, the idea and belief that sugar, refined or unrefined is a cause of diabetes is wrong! High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) is not a cause but rather a symptom. How? I'll tell you how. The root causes of diabetes or high blood sugar is all centered on diets.

What do you eat? How do you eat? And how often do you eat? If you answer those questions sincerely, you will understand the point am trying to make here. This is because we are what we eat; eat healthy and you stay healthy by implication of healthy diet.

Foods that increases insulin and blood sugar includes; trans fat, pasta, flavored yogurts, sugar based beverages by that I mean sugar sweetened drinks, dried fruits, canned foods, french fries, fruit juice containing preservatives and carbohydrates rich foods. Diabetes is grouped into four categories for better understanding, I'll throw less light on them.

1. Type 1: This is primarily as a result of pancreatic beta cells destruction and insulin deficiency which is prone to ketoacidosis. This include cases of anti immune process for which the etiology of beta cells destruction is not known.

2. Type 2: These may range from predominant resistance of insulin, with relative insulin deficiency. This case known as ketosis is very uncommon.

3. Gestational diabetes mellitus: refer to glucose intolerance with onset or first recognition during pregnancy.

4. Other Type: Which includes a wide variety of relatively uncommon conditions, primarily specific genetically defined forms of diabetes or associated with other disease or from drug use.
(Extract: canadiCa journal of diabetes).

This is just to give you a clue to Diabetes.

Now let's get back to what to do when having diabetes or high blood sugar.

First, you start by reducing the intake of carbohydrates rich foods. This is because when you consume carbs, it breaks down into sugar and compel the pancreas to produce insulin and then stored in the liver and muscles when in excess.

When limit of storage is exceeded, insulin escorts excess sugar in fat cells where it is converted into fat. And when it no longer holds, it then remain in the blood and as more keep coming, this is when blood sugar levels keep rising.

" It's hard to imagine civilization eithwit onions" quotes by Julia Child.

So it is difficult to imagine terminating diabetes and high blood sugar naturally without credence to Onions.

Onions are very healthy whether consumed raw or cooked. It still offers high medicinal Values to the body. Raw onions are more higher in organic sulfur compounds. It also encourage healthy heart in divers ways including lowering blood pressure,and minimizes risk of heart attack. According to jarzabkowski, a nutritionist at the University of Texas, onions fights Parkinson's disease, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, onions is a perfect medicine for blood sugar as it can collapse it from any level and also prevents type 2 diabetes.

Just a simple but powerful way I'll show you on how to regulate or terminate blood sugar increase naturally in less than 7 days.

All you have to do is check the present level, and eat 50 grams of raw onions daily for 7 days and do a test again to compare the previous and present sugar levels it will amaze you how drastically it has dropped.

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Thanks for reading.

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