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Saturday, March 9, 2019

How To Bleach Dark Underarms Naturally In 10 Minutes

While many people give less, or no concern at all to dark underarms, dark neck, elbow, groin, cheek, forehead to mention but few could be as a result of medical condition known as acanthosis migrican (AN), it is unusual not Natural.

This however, to many people who knows it's not normal and concerned about it always look for creams and things to apply to make it blend with other parts of the body these is why I went about to know why such happens and best or more effective way to bleach those dark areas of your body Naturally.


Very easy, and I'll show you how. Before going to that, you need to know some minor causes of dark underarms so you can as well address that areas for effectiveness.
Deordorants that contains alcohol, fragrance and antiperspirant such as amonium chloride can cause irritation to the skin and lead to discoloration. So while desiring to lighten up that dark area such should be considered.

3 items is needed to do these simple natural methods including; baking soda, coconut oil and lemon juice. Follow the 4 listed steps below.


* Put 2 Tbsp of baking soda in a small bowl.
* Add 2 Tbsp of coconut oil to it.
* Add 1 Tbsp of of lemon juice.
* Mix together thoroughly.

Apply to Underarm or dark area and clean with a dry towel after 10 minutes to lighten up that area naturally. Do these daily till you are satisfied as it will take gradual process in at least 3 days.

Please leave a comment of success or reaction if any.

Thanks for reading.
Stay healthy and healthy.

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