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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Natural Magical Formula For Overnight Rapid Hair Growth

I like to talk to you about hair growth and beauty. What can enhance rapid hair growth and correct possible hair loose or breakage which is a challenge to many ladies out there.

Hair types no doubts varies and why you are having the type you do could relate to either of the hair types. Bald, type 3A, 3B, 3C or 4A, 4B, 4C which is very common among the black and white ladies.
All this hair type could link to 3 common causes either hereditary, face type, self caused or nature made.
 Just like we know, "you are what you eat", similarly your hair is equally proportional to the care and hair food you apply to it. It is very important to note that not all kinds of hair foods should be used as some hair loose or breakages are caused by it rather, find the one that suits you properly and stick to it to avoid any hair damage of any sort.

Are you having hair growth challenges and desires a lasting natural solution?

This is what you are looking for. If,
Your hair is bald?
Hair growth is slow?
Breaking Easily?
Want Long and dark hair?

Fasten your seat belt on this.
This are the questions i want to answer as a naturist as best as i can.
Am very sure you might have tried several types of hair treatments therapy but recorded poor results and feel no other remedy is available for rapid hair growth but after this method you can conclude.
Irrespective of your hair type i guarantee you success after trying this.

It is very easy , natural and cost less time and resources to achieve most importantly, in a window period of 1,2,3 weeks or more as the case may be and evident.

Few items needed to achieve this are;

* 2 large sized onions
* Blender
* Sieve

  • Peel outer skin of onions and chop into blend-able pieces
  • Put in a blender to blend
  • Extract onion juice with a seive
  • Add 4Tbsp of castor oil and mix together thoroughly
  • Apply to hair root using a cotton wool and scrub with finger if you have to
  • Wear a shower cap overnight. 
Note: This should be done at night before bed and twice a week for as long as you desire. It will amaze you how fast and dark you hair will grow.

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