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Saturday, April 20, 2019

12 Signs To Know You Are Pregnant Without Doing A Test.

Pregnancy however is a good thing and every woman or couple at a point in time desires it.

While many expect to be pregnant especially in marriage or just desires a child, some don't want it as there are not yet prepared owing to one reason or another. When you have sexual intercourse the chances of being pregnant becomes very high.

Women often wait for their circle to tell if there are pregnant or not for instance, missing of monthly period but aside obvious factor to know your Pregnancy status, there are other 12 obvious indicators to note that tells if you are pregnant or not just at your own comfort.


One of the easiest and early signs of pregnancy is light vagina discharge. Medically known as implantation bleeding. It occurs between day 5-10 after conception.
Not in all cases anyway, but high percentage of women experience it based on hormonal difference. It comes like a regular menstrual flow but very lighter in color. If you experience this, chances of being pregnant is high.


During early pregnancy, the uterus exarts pressure on the bladder that causes frequent urination which also result to constipation as pregnancy advances.


One of the most common signs of pregnancy is sudden tingling in the breast. This is because the breast fill out and experience change in shape at the early stage of pregnancy as it prepares to commence milk production. Within few months after conception, the tenderness and sensitivity of the breast increases. In some cases, women experience it weeks or even moment of conception.


The normal basal temperature is said to be between 96-98 degrees best measured in the morning. But when there's increase of 1 degree in basal temperature, it could be telling you are pregnant.


During early pregnancy, bloating, constipation and implantation bleeding (light bleeding) all result to backaches and cramps. When you observe this signs all together, pregnancy test should be the next action.


Nausea occurs due to increase change in hormone levels as a result triggers nausea every early hours of the day while some persist all day long. Nausea often refers to as morning sickness is experienced at the first 90 days of conception.


When a woman is pregnant, the dark areas around the breast known as areoles changes to be very dark. This is due to hormonal changes triggered by fertilization and it happens at the commencement of milk production.


During most early Pregnancy, bloating stomach such as farts and bumps that causes discomfort is experienced. However, it occurs at a very early stage even before you missed your period as a woman.


This is the number (1) sign and the only many women uses to predict pregnancy. That alone can't determine as it could also be due to diets, stress or increase in irregular activities. To be on a safer side however, a test should be conducted to ascertain.


Another early sign of pregnancy is changes in smell sensitivity. The body starts filtering consumables and it is normal as research proves it is good as it helps to protect the pregnant mother from eating bad food as well as the baby from harmful toxins.


Counting; 95 among 100 women experiences metallic taste in their mouth. While no scientific proves as to why it happens, it still remains a common experience for pregnant women and should be given more attention.


Another common and final sign of pregnancy is feeling dizzy and tired. When an egg is fertilized, it takes extra energy to create a baby. So while you are feeling tired and dizzy unnecessarily, it could mean pregnancy. Fatigue and extreme tiredness remains the first signs of pregnancy.

The above mentioned signs are very real and sure indicators to observe if you are expecting or avoiding Pregnancy. However, several methods to also do a Pregnancy Test yourself are listed below. All works very well.

How To Do Pregnancy Test Using Onion
How To Do Pregnancy Test Using Sugar

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