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Sunday, May 26, 2019

9 Foods Every Man Needs For Optimum Sexual Performance

''I am not able to satisfy my partner no matter how I try,  just don't know what to do I'm so fade up'', is that what you are thinking? If yes, then you are Midway to a happy sexual relationship with your partner because after reading this, you will not need to go far for solution anymore.

A lot of men are on sexual enhancing drugs daily just to meet with their spouse, so I ask you, how long will it continue? You don't have to worry because I won't show you drugs to take but a natural Viagra I'm going to introduce to you. Ladies are not an exception in this because you can make sure the fruits I'll be listing down for you is always available for him without even his consent and watch what happened with time.
Just make sure he consumes it regularly and he'll bounce back. 

1. Oyster

 Oyster contains a very high level of zinc . Zinc helps the body produce testosterone which is a hormone very critical in regulating both male and female libido also enhances sexual function. It also improves sperm count and swimming ability as a result, boast sexual potency in men.

2. Garlic

 This is not just food for love live as proven by research but also heart health. It fights heart disease, prevent blood clots and decrease blood pressure. Most importantly, it contains allicin, which has many positive effects including an antioxidant trapping free radicals and help the body get rid of toxins thereby improve liver function.

3. Onions

 Almighty onion I will say. This is very essential Raw or cooked. It contains organic sulfur compounds, and many more including magnesium which is very needful in improving sperm count, quality semen and perfect for sugar reduction in blood, lowers blood pressure and minimize risk of heart attack.

4. Cucumber

 Cucumber is among the citrulline rich foods. It is recommended for people suffering low blood pressure as well as helps the body overcome fatigue and serves as stress reduction agent.

5. Watermelon

 Watermelon is natural Viagra. It is so because it contains more Amino acids and said to be richer than citrulline which relaxes and dilates blood vessels much like Viagra and other drugs meant to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men as well as improves the heart condition.

6. Pomegranate

 This super food is known for improving reproductive health in men and women. It fights cancer and serves as an anti ageing agent, improves fertility and immunity as well as regulate blood pressure too.

7. Banana

 Banana helps the body by reducing antibodies. Contributes to healthy kidney functions but most importantly, contains what is called tryptophan which helps the body fights depression and keeps the mood positive per time.

8. Ginger

 Ginger juice a potential aphrodisiac that helps a man overcome premature ejaculation and sexual impotency. It also help last longer in bed because of it's powerful medicinal properties.

9. Avocado

 Contains omega-3 fatty acids which naturally boast and improves your mood and prepare you for bedroom action. It provides you with energy and healthy libido like dark chocolate does and this of course guarantees greater sexual experience.

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