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Sunday, May 19, 2019

How To Get Full, Firm And Attractive Boobs Naturally

It amazes me seriously to see ladies both young and old doing breast implants or surgeries to achieve what can be achieved naturally within 21 days.

I can count a good number of ladies who's involvement in implants are not favorable anymore and speaks ill of their entire body health as it pose a threat and trust me, I won't want same for you.

No doubt about the fact that firm, round and jackup boobs is nice and attractive which many have it naturally born while others applied several methods to arrive at. But I'll rather advice using natural methods or other safe applicable factors is best.

I want to show you how you can make that boobs more firmer and attractive at home just like a dream you will witness the good change and boobs increase.

I have been working on ptosis lately as well; sagging and flaccid boobs which when am done I'll do same by helping you with uplifting and return your boobs to normal and get people asking you how did you do it?

Back to why am here. You will apply this formula with patience and gradually you will be seeing results guaranteed second week of the process.


  • Soybeans
  • Olive oil

Method Of Preparation

1. Fry the soybeans till it turns brownish. (Almost burnt).

2. Soak soybeans in olive oil for at least 48 hours. ( Make sure oil doesn't exceed soybeans).

3. Sieve oil out and store in a lotion container.

Massage boobs with it morning and evening at least but it can be applied as many times as desired in 24 hours.

Note: I'm not promising you will get results immediately but it will start getting obvious at about 14 days of 21 days doing it. Sometimes we don't observe such ourselves in such case, a friend can observe for while you feel the fullness thereof.

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