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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

8 Foods That Spike Up Your Blood Pressure

Often times root causes of health challenges are neglected but stay regular on medications in attempt to curb same medical constraint.

When stroke, heart failure, metabolic syndrome, aneurysm, dementia, memory lose, narrowed kidney vessel, torn eye blood vessel it's all centers on one root cause; High Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure (HBP) otherwise known as hypertension has taken many lives and it's very common in the Society today. Globally, hypertension has cause over 7.5 million deaths about 12.8% total deaths.
  WHO Reports
One is said to be at risk when blood flow is forced against artery walls. That is, the more blood that pumps out of your heart the more resistance of blood flow in your artery which later results to more severe health conditions among most common mentioned earlier.

Despite several efforts on research to curb it, people still live daily on most of the foods and drinks that possibly raise blood pressure without knowing. Foods that won't be a nod if you must regular or lower your risk of blood pressure I found out after loosing my uncle to stroke just few months after being diagnosed with raising blood pressure.

8 Foods that spike up your blood pressure that you must do everything you can to stay away from if you are diagnosed of high Blood Pressure or you want to avoid getting to that stage.

1. Canned Foods

No doubt, when there's no fresh or cooked food and you are famish, canned Foods becomes the best and seemingly only alternative but we can't as well claim ignorance of the bad effects of these foods in you body when they become you daily diet routine. While it is part of your diets also avoid some kinds. Canned Foods health hazards to the body because it is a source of bispherol A (BPA). Bisphenol A is a compound used as preservatives with research pointing to it as agent for cancer and birth defects. Canned goods contains high level of sodium sugar, very few nutrients and aluminum leaks. 

A modern research in South Korea shows that drinking from cans especially ones with bisphenol  A raises blood pressure about 16 times compared to drinking from glasses.

2. Red Meat

Red meats houses lots of saturated fats which of course raises blood cholesterol therefore, increase risk of heart problems.
When you eat red meats in high quantity or regular basis, it makes you prone to heart disease and cardiovascular disease is one of them. Do the math; when you eat red meat daily you are more likely to die of heart disorders or cancer as it constitutes several harmful hormones. A research published by JAMA internal medicine shows that eating red or processed meat overtime can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes as well.

3.  Noodles

Noodles plays a very crucial role to college and lazy adults as it is fast and easy to prepare. But while it serves you better, it also complicate your health systems. Noodles increases risk of heart attack, diabetes as well as stroke due to the increase in metabolic syndrome. This is to say, eating at least two noodles a week especially in women constitutes their risk of high metabolic syndrome. It is advised that while it helps, it should not be use as a staple in your diet.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol is causing more harm than good especially to the unhealthy. Alcohol increases amount of lipids in the bloodstream when frequent which can damage the arteries and lead to hardening; this can result to raise in blood pressure. When the arteries are hardened (athesclerosis) risk of blood clots increase which can cause heart attack and stroke.

Few drinks that can help in terms of reducing blood pressure as well as regulate it. Best Drinks Lowers Blood Pressure

Note: When you drink alcohol at first, blood pressure drops down drastically only to shoot up very high as intakes increases.

5. Doughnuts

Doughnuts, cakes and cookies are all loaded with sugar along with fats. The contribution of the two may trigger increase in weight which increase your risk of high blood pressure. While you consume these products, keep portion and serving sizes on check. Regular exercise and weight management will help a lot if you are someone that consume much of doughnuts.

6. Pickles

An average size of pickle contains as much as 800mg of sodium and so adding extra sodium to your diets intensifies pressure on blood vessels as more fluids to dilute it.

Adults should not be eating more than 2.4g of sodium daily. Accordingly to NHS, three pickles a day could be increasing your risk.

7. Frozen Foods

Frozen foods can be helpful just like noodles and canned Foods but it is also associated to several health risk among which are heart diseases, diabetes, Cancer and hypertension.

These foods contain different kinds of preservatives that have adverse negative effects on your body. It is high in sugar, or salt which spikes the blood pressure leading to serious health conditions.

8. Baked Foods

Packed foods that may or may not have some decorative icing on them can be tasty threat, but they  oftencontain salted and saturated fats, sugar and sodium rich agents. Eating too many pastries, cakes or cookies can lead to obesity possing threats to blood pressure.

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