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Sunday, June 16, 2019

9 Pregnancy Test Methods You Can Do Anywhere Without Kits | UnveilingNature

It is very important to know your pregnancy status especially as an expectant mother. This however, transcends to just expectant mothers but all women feeling funny few days after having intercourse.

Pregnancy test can be done exactly 6-8 days after ovulation to be able to really ascertain whether pregnant or not and test kits are available to help you determine the level of hCG in your urine which can tell with slight eat amount of of pregnancy hormones.

Mind you, negative results at the early stage doesn't necessarily mean you are not pregnant but repeating it after a day or two will do the confirmation owing to the fact that sometimes you miscalculated.

9 Types of pregnancy test you can do anywhere without using the usual pregnancy test strips I will show you and all very accurate and dependable if done properly.

1. Pregnancy Test Using Breast milk.

When a woman is pregnant, virtually every hormones of her body systems react to that and breast milk is not an exception.

To find out your pregnancy status using this method, squeeze out some amount of breast milk in a small bowl.

( Here you will need the strip to do this) just as your urine can tell similar way this works. If s not urine sample is not convenient for you, breast milk test is certainly an option.

2. Pregnancy Test Using Shampoo.

Shampoo test is a unique and simple Method you might want to try. Not difficult to read and can be done under 5 minutes.

Just like other Methods, it is very reliable and accurate. All you have to do is collect early morning urine in a glass bowl and add 1 Tbsp of shampoo, stir and wait 5 minutes if urine is foamy or fizzy it's a sign of pregnancy but if it's not, definitely it's a negative.

3. Pregnancy Test Using Toothpaste.

I talked about this method before if you have been following UnveilingNature it won't be new to you.

 All that is needed here is drop a spoonful of toothpaste in a bowl and pour urine sample and after 4 minutes toothpaste dissolves in urine and bubbles found on the surface but if it doesn't, it's negative.

4. Pregnancy Test Using Wine.

This method is not very easy to detect and most times not reliable.

But if you have to try, ensure using colorless wines as sample so it will be easier to differentiate reactions from the mixture.

Collect your morning urine, add equal amount of wine, wait 3-5 minutes. It will maintain same Amber urine color and foams in the middle of the glass of if pregnant and very neutral if not pregnant.

5. Pregnancy Test Using Cooking Oil.

You can use cooking oil to run a pregnancy test. Kinder hilarious right? Well, experiments has been done and confirmed this method. Not just any cooking oil as plan oil is not part of it.

You can use, groundnut oil, coconut oil, soya oil and the likes. Having collected your morning urine in a clean bowl, pour 2 Tbsp of cooking oil and stir.

If you notice large clustered bubbles on urine after 3 minutes, it simply means you are pregnant but if oil forms small clusters and urine color remains it's a negative.

6. Pregnancy Test Using Onion

 This is one of the simplest anybody can detect. Watch closely you will notice the change in color from the urine.

Peel off dried skin from onion and slice.
Put some quantity of onion in the urine sample and observe for 5 minutes.

This is how to read the signs; if pregnant the color of urine will turn lighter as some purple colors will be found around the onions but urine maintain it's color if negative

7. Pregnancy Test Using Salt.

This is one of the most popular Methods people are away of and probably tried. It's very dependable and easy.

 Collect morning urine as usual in a small bowl, add 2 Tbsp of table salt and stir. Wait 5 minutes and observe if the salt dissolves then it Pregnancy positive but if it settles as the button it's negative.

8. Pregnancy Test Using Sugar.

Another common Method to try as well. Sugar test is very easy to tell difference if you find other signs difficult to read.

Add 2 Tbsp of sugar into urine sample, stir and wait for 5 minutes before observing result. If sugar dissolves and bring foams on side of it it's positive but if it settles at the bottom and doesn't foam it's negative.

9. Pregnancy Test Using Bleach.

My last on the list is how to use bleach to determine your pregnancy status. I'm working on lots of other Methods not just pregnancy alone but am sure you'll love it. Subscribing to UnveilingNature keeps you undated.

This method can be done easily because the results is very obvious and requires lesser concentration compared to cooking oil, wine, breast milk and the rest.

In this method, morning urine is collected and bleach on the other. Pour urine gradually into bleach if it's positive bleach starts bubbling uncontrollably filling the bowl even after you've stopped applying but when bubbles react minimally it's pregnancy negative.

All methods listed here works perfectly well if you are patient enough to wait and follow instructions.


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