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Delayed Periods: Causes And How To Make Delayed Periods Starts Naturally | UnveilingNature

(Must read for every lady)


Irregular periods are caused by various factors ranging from medical condition, weight lose and lifestyle (What you consume).

This is a very common problem found in women and sometimes leads to unwarranted worries and prompt you (women) to surf around the web looking for a safe and natural solution such as this.

To induce your delayed monthly periods, two ways that are 100 percent natural and safe that works perfectly without side effects.

Causes foe delay period is important to ascertain before trying any natural methods. This is because it may not necessarily be a challenge rather signs of pregnancy. Any of these 9 signs could suggest Pregnancy

 Ensure you consult a specialist if reason remains unknown. Pregnancy Test At Home; 9 Natural methods you can try

Two ways you can make your period start within 24 hours.

1. Ginger Tea.


Ginger can be consumed in form of tea, chew, juice with honey and remains effective. This is because Ginger has some magical properties that stimulates blood flow thereby promote menstrual flow in women.

It can be prepared simply by;

  • Adding glass of water in a pot
  • Cut ginger roots into the pot
  • Boil for 10 Minutes
  • Allow to cool for 10-15 minutes, remove ginger roots and drink on empty stomach.

2. Pawpaw (Papaya).


This is one of the effective and often available for home remedies. Papaya can help to induce menstrual flow as it stimulates estrogen hormones and contractions in the uterus due to the presence of carotene thereby resulting to early menstrual. Papaya can be consumed raw, papaya juice twice (2x) a day before regular date.

Cut and eat ripe papaya few days before and it will help fast track period.

Note: Aerated drinks and caffeine should be avoided as the both can slow down period. You should avoid these and find out causes first before using any of these methods.

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