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How To Increase You Cocumba Using Tomato And Toothpaste | UnveilingNature

You might have heard a lot of things about toothpaste and tomato; wonders these two mixture can do. But I bet you have not found this one yet until you are done reading this piece to the end.

Aside the nutritious value of tomato in foods and it's nutritional benefits, it also has unique magical powers especially for men's sexual health.

I'm going to let that out to you right now. Toothpaste on the other hand doesn't just serve as healthy mouth wash also can do more when mixed with other natural and organic products which I'm certain will provide you with answers to all pending questions you may have have tendered.

Previously, several secrets and methods you can try to stay sexually active as a man has been provided down to foods that can boast sexual stamina like;  Overcome Weak Erection Naturally

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Many more especially How To Terminate Erectile Dysfunction In Men

That's about that. You can check those out but what I want to show you now is HOW TO GET FULL AND RIGID ERECTION USING JUST TOMATO AND TOOTHPASTE WITH ZERO SIDE EFFECTS


Get a ripe tomato, toothpaste, (Colgate or white paste) and a plate and tea spoon for mixture.

  •  Cut tomato into two equal halves
  • Squeeze tomato juice into your plate
  • Add tea spoonful of toothpaste into the plate and stir to mix properly. 
Note: Apply mixture on you Peepee and massage for about 5 minutes.
Allow to air dry for 15 minutes and rinse with a clean water.

Do this for two weeks daily and it will shock how rigid and 360 degrees Erection you will get afterwards.

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