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Sunday, October 6, 2019

7 Healing Herbal Teas | Health Benefits

Herbal Tea; green tea, black tea, brown tea, yellow tea, whichever color it comes with all have a vital role it plays in the body. As an African, herbs has been the most reliable source of medicine both in ancient and modern day.

Education has not changed the fact that herbs are very helpful to mankind but rather, help us understand it better, how it works, how to and how not to take it. Personally, until I found the tremendous metabolical benefits of tea, (herbal tea) I usually always prefer something heavy rather than light tea was never an option but recently its been on my table and am very frequent in sipping it.

Joe Bianchi, who writes about Weight Loss recently share an article Green tea for Weight Loss very resourceful you might want to check it out.

Herbal tea is very useful as it helps to prevent chronic health concerns such as heart disorders, specific kinds of cancer, and type-2 diabetes, bone health and the brain. If you are in the US, try Cinnamon Haze for diabetes.

It can also be helpful in reducing inflammation, lower blood pressure, serves as an anti-aging agent, improves dermatological conditions and effective against arthritis when taken twice daily.

Among several types of herbal teas I know, I will be sharing just 7 powerful herbal teas for healing and after taking any of it you will know why I'm saying so. The benefits will leave you dumbfounded.

1. Lemon Balm Tea

This is widely recognized and useful in treating restlessness and anxiety. Also helps to improve quality sleep when you take 1 cup before bed and also believed to prevent nightmares.
Studies shows that lemon balm tea can reduce the heart palpitation frequency, improve memory (mental performance).
Recently, a small study by radiology workers proves that two cups of lemon balm tea daily can increase the body's natural antioxidants which helps protect the body from oxidative damage to cells and DNA.

2. Passionflower Tea

The passionflower is not just only beautiful in sight but also helpful as it leaves, flowers and stems can be used to prepare one of the finest herbal tea that improves sleep, relieve anxiety, irritability and Opioid detoxification.

3. Rose Hip Tea

This is gotten from Rose plant. It is good and fight against inflammation and related symptoms, pain not excluded.
Studies has shown that Rose Hip helps in weight management as the study which was done with 32 overweight people rose extract decreases BMI and most importantly, belly fat.
A research published in HealthLine shows that taking rose hip powder for eight weeks reduces depth of wrinkles around the eyes and improves skin moisture and elasticity of the face.

4. Peppermint Tea

One of the widely used which is made from it's leaves. Can treat digestive tract ailments and another study shows it has antioxidant, antibacterial, anticancer and antiviral properties.
It may also be helpful against nausea, muscle spasms, bloating and abdominal gas constraints. Take peppermint tea if you experience any digestive discomfort.

5. Fennel Tea

Fennel Tea one of the most beneficial herbal tea on Earth improve digestion, remove waste products and excess water in the body. It's fragrance has a soating relief, it's oil proves to be helpful for gastrointestinal infection because of it's antiseptic properties.

6. Licorice Tea

It is known for its healing properties and has served as spice in food for thausands of years. Licorice Tea can be used in treating ulcer, eczema, cancer sores and upper respiratory ailments. Moreso, it helps in weight lose and facilitates adrenal health.

7. Ginger Tea

The best saved for the last they say. Ginger tea happens to be very spicy, flavorful healthy drink.

Ginger is highly medicinal for various ailments and when taken as tea too. It fights against inflammation and stimulates the immune system. Ginger tea can be used to prevent stomach ulcer, relieves indigestion, dysmenorrhea and pains associated with menstruation.

Herbal Tea is not something you should just be taking for love of it, only take the one that relates best to your condition and don't forget to share with your doctor incase there is any need why you should not take any for the moment.

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