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Friday, October 25, 2019

How To Remove Skin Tags And Moles At Home

One may wonder, why this ugly or funny tissue on my skin?
Would it go away just the way it came or not?
Is it something about my health this is pointing at I should pay attention to?
What is it even called?

I will like to answer all these questions my way very briefly and to my understanding and experience. Also suggest a suitable natural home remedy to help get it that skin condition giving you concern; it will fall off naturally when you apply these remedy I'm sharing with you now.

What is Skin Tag?

Skin tag is a small tissue build up that hangs on the skin, and are not harmful. It can be found in several areas of the body including the neck, back, haircut edges, inside the hair, chest, underarms, groin also under the breast area.

Skin tags like I said, are not harmful and posses no degree of threat to your health. But we both know how discomforting it can be having such strange and ugly flap tissue build up of skin especially in open areas of the body.

I first noticed skin tags some few years ago on my forehead, just front edge of my hair fee weeks after going to shave my hair in a local hair salon during my usual visit to rural communities to educate them on healthy living, run HIV test and refer the positives to appropriate facilities for treatment as well as encourage those already on treatment to adhere which I do for living.

It became a serious concern to me as it's strange, never had such experience before so I was kinda afraid you know. Hoping and praying I don't become vulnerable by contacting something serious while helping the vulnerable achieve resilience. You know how that feels right? Not until I contacted a specialist who drew my attention to skin tags which action could be from the hair salon.

"A problem known is half solved".

I commenced a desperate search on how best to get rid of it. The first thing I did was uprooted it but to my surprise, it sprang up again few days later. Until out of my curiosity, I found a method that helped me get rid of skin tag naturally which I first shared sometime ago.

8 Magical Benefits of Banana Peel You Don't Know

It is %100 natural against skin tags, warts, moles, acne etc. And no side effects. I will like you to share this too and also leave a comment below after using this remedy.


Verseline: it helps you moisturize your skin, makes it very soft especially when treating acne, skin tag and warts.

Banana Peel: Rich in fiber, fights of skin conditions like warts, moles, acne etc.

Tea Tree Oil: serves as an antibiotics, antifungal, and protect skin from external germicidal attacks.


-- Scrap inner banana peel (ripe banana)
-- Chop to smaller pieces with a knife (1 tbsp)
-- Put in a clean bowl
-- Add 1 tbsp of Verseline
-- Stir together thoroughly
-- Add 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil

Apply to the affected area as many times as you want. You will discover that the skin tag will disappear within a week and it can be preserved in a refrigerator for continual use.


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